EMV4 is designed to mount under the eave, attaching to an exposed rafter tail. This gives many options for installers in areas with Tile or Stucco; or for any home owner wise enough to choose a Non-Penetrating option.
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Under Eave Satellite Dish Mount (EMV4)
Under Eave Satellite Dish Mount (EMV4)
Quick Pipe Adaptor for THE SLIMELINE KA/KU DIRECTV HD DISH ANTENNA  and wildblue. Just slide the lip over the edge of the existing pipe & wires, tighten the bolts up, and mount your dish!

  • O.D.: 2 INCHES
  • Length: 8 inches
  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel
  • Adapter slides onto any existing pipe at least 2 1/4 inches or bigger in diameter
  • Bolts tighten to fit KA/KU SLIMELINE DIRECTV DISHES
Pipe Adapter
Quick Pipe Adaptor for THE SLIMELINE KA/KU DIRECTV HD DISH ANTENNA  and wildblue
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$3.99/ea + $5.95 shipping/handling
The Under Eave Mount -- also known as the "J" mount -- is used for the installation of DirecTV, slimline, wildblue satellite internet systems and off the air antennas. Homes that have inadequate mounting areas such as Tile roofs, Stucco sided homes offer very few options as far as dish location goes. The Under Eave Mount opens many options as to where the installer can locate the satellite dish or antenna.

  • KAUEM1 Under Eave Mount
  • Satellite Dish Mount with 2" OD
  • For use with 100 - 120 cm Satellite Dishes, and Large Directional HDTV Antennas
  • Designed for Under Eave Antenna Dish Installations
2 inch Under Eave Satellite Dish Mount (KAUEM1)
2" Under Eave Satellite Dish Mount (KAUEM1)
$19.99/ea + $9.95 shipping/handling
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