Eavemounts.com was opened in July of 2003.  It is owned and operated by M&M Electronics.  M&M Electronics was founded in 1997, and we have quickly grown and developed a solid reputation based on quality and outstanding service. With that, we have gained national attention and status through hard work and dedication.

Our focus has always been on customer satisfaction.  We have been in sales and installations of  Dish Network/Direct TV satellite systems for over 7 years.  In that time we seen a need in the industry for a product that would solve the problem with the newer homes that are being built in many areas across the country. Tile and Stucco homes prove quite a challenge in finding a approved Mounting Surface. The Under Eave Mount addresses this issue.

It is, and has always been our goal to ensure our success through your satisfaction with our company, our products and our services.  So thank you for shopping our site, and enjoy your stay.

About Us
About Us
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